Why Choose A Medieval Banquet?

When it comes to getting a corporate team to bond it is important to set up an environment where they can have fun together. There are many different organisations that set up team building exercises but they each recognise one important and constant factor: there needs to be a theme.

The medieval theme can be a fun option and all team members have the opportunity to enjoy a fun evening. After team building exercises, they can eat in a restaurant literally fit for a king (if that king happens to be Henry VIII.)

A medieval banquet is an immersive experience that is unlike many of the standard dining establishments. The environment is one that the team members will not have been in before. The decor will be a recreation of centuries past with weapons hanging on the walls and torches used as lighting. Jesters entertain the guests and minstrels serenade them with old songs.

The team members are even encouraged to dress up in costumes themselves. Another team building exercise may be to stay in character and solve problems while cosplaying. This not only helps to add some much needed fun to the event but may allow team members to bond together further.

The food at these banquets is also cost effective and delicious. Most medieval restaurants have vegetarian options and you should be able to inform them of any special dietary requirements before hand. The informal setting will also help the members of your group to relax.

The Best Medieval Banquet Themed Restaurants

  • Olde Hansa
  • Medieval Banquet London
  • Renaissance Restaurant
  • Tavern Brabant
  • Albergo Diffuso
  • Gordon’s Wine Bar
  • Le Coup Chou
  • Drac Restaurant

Check out the individual sites of these restaurants to see if their services and location meet the requirements for your team building exercises.