When choosing a restaurant for corporate team building, it is important to recognise the purpose of the exercise. Generally, there are five categories for teambuilding. The question managers must ask themselves is, what emotions do they want to elicit from their team members? Do they want them to be motivated, inspired, communicated to, or have fun?

  • Excited

If you want your staff to get excited, then it is worth considering a restaurant that provides generated excitement. A restaurant in an isolated location may fit the bill. If they have their own on-site restaurant, then this can be ideal. If not, it is best to find the closest dining establishment.

  • Motivated

An increasing number of managers are using competitive activities to help encourage team members to work to their very best. These activities can be done in a secluded environment or an inner city. For this reason, you will have a versatile number of choices when it comes to the restaurant to eat at. The choice is completely up to you.

  • Inspired

As the BBC points out cooking exercises and classes are a great way for team members to work together. For this reason it is useful to book up a team building exercise in the restaurant itself. Then the staff members can enjoy the meals they have cooked together. This will help to create a sense of shared camaraderie.

  • Communicated to

If you want to give your team an rousing speech, then it is best to choose a restaurant that allows you to book a private party room. That way, there will be no interruptions. A quiet environment is key.

  • Having Fun

Having fun is one of the major reasons for teambuilding. The ideal restaurant for this is the opposite of the penultimate purpose. It should have a welcoming, vibrant environment.