There are many high quality restaurants out there that cater to large parties. With such a wide variety it can be difficult to decide which one is best suited for your needs. In order to determine which restaurant chain is ideal for your party it is useful to analyse what makes them unique. This can include the type of food they serve, the atmosphere of the restaurant, how large the venue is and whether it is suitable for party goers of all ages. Knowing what to look for can help a party planner immeasurably.

Restaurants And Which Type Of Party They Cater To

Here are some of the most popular UK restaurant chains and which types of party they are best for:

  • Nandos

The casual atmosphere of this establishment makes it somewhat unsuitable for formal parties such as weddings. It is more for groups of friends or family that are simply enjoying a day out.

  • Wagamama

This restaurant specialises in Japanese cuisine. It is a great place for a graduation party.

  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen

As the name suggests this restaurant specialises in burgers. For this reason it is better for parties with an informal atmosphere.

  • Zizzi

This is a wonderful place for families that have party members of all ages. The food is suitable for everyone.

  • Frankie & Benny’s

The 50’s decor of this restaurant make it a great place for the birthdays of older people or those who are interested in vintage culture.

  • Bella Italia

The fine food and environment make it a great place for wedding guests.

  • Cafe Rouge

The intimate and classy nature of this restaurant means it is the best place for an all adult party.

  • TGI Fridays

This chain is most ideal for the birthdays of young children. The staff are extremely and the atmosphere is one of busy excitement.